Feeling Pain

It seems as if the world in which we live is becoming more and more subjective as evidenced by research published in the latest issue of Psychological Science. In an article by Kurt Grey, who is a graduate student in Psychology from Harvard University he examines how subjects experience pain and finds that it hurts more when people mean it!

"This study shows that even if two harmful events are physically identical, the one delivered with the intention to hurt actually hurts more," says Gray. His study further shows that when people know that the pain they feel is unintentional the painful stimuli hurt less over time even if the stimuli remain physically identical, while intentional painful stimuli felt equally painful each time it was administered.

The study confirms the findings of a whole range of recent scientific papers that examine how our perception of reality is influenced by factors that we do not control. With research providing such evidence that our brain waves will involuntary follow any dominant frequency to change our state of mental alertness and the finding that our emotions can be evoked through unconscious and subliminal stimuli, it seems as if we are as much a product of our environment as we are by choice.


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