Stating the obvious

darwin It is probably well known that this is the age of truth, and although there are plenty opinions about what the age of truth will bring beyond what it has, I cannot help but smile when ever something new pop’s its head from the obscurity of our infamous western history.

Take Darwin as a good example. Since he first published his “Origin of Species” it has been vehemently argued from every possible angle, and although some people may feel a little uncomfortable with the idea, nobody has really come up with any alternative that would satisfy as much as his theory of evolution currently does.

In his own words Darwin sums it up nicely when he says:  “It has always appeared to me more satisfactory to look at the immense amount of pain & suffering in this world, as the inevitable result of the natural sequence of events, i.e. general laws, rather than from the direct intervention of God.” And the same holds true for those who do not believe in the existence of God, for who could live with the burden of sin that any other viewpoint would imply.

My question is why a theory that has been so entrenched in our collective consciousness would be dragged into the mega watt glare of modern media?

Could it perhaps be the recent discovery of fossil evidence that Homo Sapiens may not have it’s origin in Africa, or does it have something to do with the recent theory about why human’s alone have pubic hair?

I don’t know the answer, yet. But you can be sure the age of truth has something to do with it. All we need to do is sit back and wait for the wisdom of time to run it’s course. I can’t wait!


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