What’s up with water anyhow?

Well, I guess we could start with the obvious:

1. It is commonly known as a fluid, and it is found in all three states of matter (solid, gas and fluid) all over planet earth. Funny that, because water is in fact the only molecule that naturally occurs in all three states of matter.

2. Water is formed by a chemical bond between the two elements, oxygen and hydrogen. Two elements of oxygen combine with one element of hydrogen to form one molecule of water.

3. It is found in everything around us, yes even the iron shovel you hold in your hand or the crystal you use for channeling your healing energy. In fact, it is the third most common molecule in the universe, besides hydrogen and carbon.

4. It is found within our bodies, and in very high percentages I hasten to ad! Especially if we look at some organs like the brain.

5. Thanks to the discovery of the microscope, we also know that when water turns into a solid ittetrahedron forms a tightly packed lattice of tetrahedral crystals.

6. A few years ago we found out that the pattern of tetrahedral clumping as water turn in to a solid could be influenced by intention and music. This mystical ability was discovered thanks to a very observant and very lucky scientist called Dr Emoto, who observed the phenomenon and intuited it’s causality.

7. We recently discovered that this tetrahedral quality persists when water turns into a fluid, and water seem to have a natural ability to combine together in tetrahedral clumps of up to a 100 molecules each. The rest of the molecules floats around freely and disorganized, sometimes in more and sometimes in less quantities.

8. We also found that the amount of free and disorganized water molecules depend on factors such as the temperature and pressure of the fluid, and the presence of other molecules that may be dissolved within it.

Before we discovered the tetrahedral clumping, water was considered to be the odd one out amongst molecules, with some 66 qualities that distinguished it from other forms of matter. With the theory of clumping we can now start to explain some of these differences in the behavior of water.

Things like why water can absorb so much heat before it starts to boil, and why the crystalline structure of frozen water is influenced by thought. This in turn explain how crystals work, and why they have their power.

It starts to explain such mysteries as the recent finding that happiness is contagious, that music can trigger an automatic emotional response, and it provides new theories to explain the hitherto mysterious way our brain seem to work.

By discovering the tetrahedral clumping nature of water we may just have hit upon the holy grail, and suddenly a whole world of knowledge start to make sense!

What’s up with water you ask? Apparently quite a lot. It begs me to tip my hat and wink a smile at glimpsing some understanding about mystery of life, the universe and just about everything…

Baby steps I know, but giant leaps for mankind.


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