Dubious distinctions

Take for instance the German Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer that has the dubious distinction of being the most articulate and influential pessimist in the history of human thought. Reading through the commentaries on his work you will quickly understand why, and if you follow the impact that Schopenhauer had on those he touched in his life you may be quite amazed to see how he may very well be the great-great-great granddaddy of Heavy Metal Rock. Schopenhauer

According to Schopenhauer:

We flourish only at each other's expense, and evil, pain, and suffering are not aberrations but express the inner nature of the world. Our will to live is a continuing cycle of want, temporary fulfillment, and more want. New desires replace any satisfied ones, so no lasting happiness is possible. There is no overall end or purpose of life, and our will to live is doomed ultimately to fail, and we die.

(Ok, after that intro the possible link between Schopenhauer and Heavy Metal may be much more obvious than I originally thought…;-)

I stand in awe…

Arthur was born February 22 1788. He died alone, of heart failure while sitting in his armchair at home. He was 72.

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