The Universal Truth of Balance

In the realm of chemistry we find a concept called diffusion that describes the universal truth of balance. In essence it describes the movement of particles from a high concentration to a low concentration when two solutions of different composition come into contact with each other. This movement will continue as long as the solutions remain in contact with each other until they contain the same concentration of particles.

In the example above the concept specifically relate to chemistry and solutions, but the same principle can be seen with temperature, particle physics, color, sound and the behavior of waves. It is the basis of many scientific principles, including those of Fourier, Einstein and Galileo. While these universal “laws” may take some time to explain, there are numerous other examples that occur almost constantly around us.

Some of these we hardly ever notice, like the way that a group of people seem to walk in step with each other, or the way the pendulums of different grandfather clocks seem to swing in unison when they are put in the same room. Some of the examples are seen as scientific curiosities, such as the behavior of quantum particles in String theory, or the way that random number generators are influenced by a collective conscience.

The principle of diffusion can also explain various “alternative” healing practices like homeopathy and Reiki, and the curious observation that the hormonal cycles of any group of females that live together become synchronized.

Chrystal formation of water after entrainment with the classical music of Vivaldi.It also provides a plausible theory

to recent research that show how happiness can benefit totally unrelated “friends of friends” as well as various cultural practices that believe in the mutual benefit of maternal stroking of small infants.

Most of these examples are grouped together under the “new age” concept of entrainment that describe the principle of diffusion in various other systems, including some of those mentioned like chronobiology and physics. According to Wikipedia, chronobiology is “the alignment of a circadian system's period and phase to the period and phase of an external rhythm”, and entrainment in physics is “the process whereby two interacting oscillating systems assume the same period”.

Given the examples provided it is obvious that diffusion is a universal truth that can be observed in the mathematical, quantum, physical, chemical, emotional, spiritual and even in mixed state realms of our existence. According to scientists at the University of Illinois a virtual pendulum with an instantaneous bidirectional coupling to a real pendulum will exhibit the same entrainment that we observe in the physical world.

The universal truth of balance exists everywhere and influences everything. It can be demonstrated in our physical, virtual and spiritual experience. By consciously acknowledging its existence we begin to align ourselves with the universe. By understanding the effect of balance we discover why we do not have to try so hard to control everything in our lives. By living the truth of balance we find that choice is divine, and that each one of us have the power to change our existence.


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