Orgasm - absolute ecstasy or emotional trip switch?

Survival is a genetically coded imperative that is reflected in our biological design. It is something that is encoded in our primitive reflexes, built in to our psychological make-up and hard wired in to our neurological circuits. The only thing that matches it in scope is pleasure. It makes sense I suppose, for what would be the point if we didn't enjoy it.

What are the laws of attraction?The pinnacle of this dual but opposite principle is orgasm, and it is in the moment of orgasm that we experience the utmost of what we were designed for. On the one hand it is the physical activity that sparks all the right conditions to ensure procreation, and on the other it is without argue the most pleasure that anyone can imagine! So much so that people get addicted to it.

The pleasure of orgasm is something of an enigma, but where in the past it was studied as an esoteric subject, most notably in the "art" of Tantric Sex, it has recently become the subject of serious scientific investigation. One of the first surprises we discovered is that it seems as if the brains of many women switch off during this moment of ecstasy.

Sexuality 101 According to a recent article in Scientific American the brains of the female of our species show the most muted response in the part of the brain that govern self control over basic desires with a corresponding release of tension and inhibition. In addition, the area responsible for moral reasoning and social judgment as well as the amygdala, responsible for "fear extinction" and the storage of memories associated with emotional events. One of the scientists researching in the field is even quoted as saying that women do not have any emotional feelings during the moment of orgasm.

And neither does it seem do they have any power of judgment or reflection. At least judging by the area's of their brain that still have power, which makes me wonder why certain areas switch off at all.

Could this perhaps be a design flaw, something that does not work in our otherwise perfectly adaptable biological blueprint? Or is it something that is somehow necessary, something that is crucial to the survival of us and our species?


Rickinator said…
There is no apostrophe in the word areas.
Anonymous said…
Interesting.. I watched a program on TV last night, exploring the female orgasm. In that program, they showed how the female orgasm helps guiding the sperm to the egg, thus contributing to getting pregnant. It also showed that just about every area of the female brain "lights up" during the orgasm, therefore it was seen as healthy. And last but not least, it was supposed to direct women towards the best partners to mate with, obviously because if you have a good orgasm, you feel like doing it again with the same person, thus staying faithful to your partner and making sure that the children are protected by both parents.. I think there is more to the female orgasm than meets the eye.

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