Honesty and truth

Honesty and truth. You would think the two are pretty much the same thing, wouldn't you, but if you think about it for a moment you will see how unrealistic such an expectation would be. A very good example to demonstrate this is with photography.

By looking through a bunch of random photographs like you easily get from services such as Picasa and Photobucket there will be some that you like, and some that you don't. Of those that you don't, the nature of material will be the reason for some, while the others will be... Well... Just not to your taste.

If we compare those pictures that are "just not to your taste" to the rejections by other people, and then compensate for the approval and rejection of specific subject matter, the results will be pretty much the same across different points of view. This remains true, even across people from different cultures, although eastern and western cultures don't necessarily agree on "taste" in general.

Just like folklore, art and music; photography act as a medium that bond people together on a global scale, and the reason can be found in honesty. Any picture that portrays a moment of honesty will generally get the thumbs up from the majority of it's viewers.

And this is where the meaning between honesty and truth come to a violent separation. At least as far as photography and the other visual arts are concerned...

Performing art is a totally different matter... with performing art the relationship between the two is much more like you get with a smile, don't you think?



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