Talk Show Hosts and Me

I have found that over the years my choice in talk show hosts have changed considerably, and I must confess I think it all started with "Haas Das se Nuuskas" many, many years ago. In recent memory I guess, it has changed from Jerry, to Oprah, to Tyra, to Ellen, and lately I have been viewing The View.

Looking back I can still appreciate the reasons why I followed each and every one, except Jerry, but something changed along the way. The reason why Ellen recently started losing out to The View isn't entirely clear, but it happened only a view months ago. I remember at the time she was starting to introduce these amazing guests that had these incredible stories to tell, or talents to show. And then I lost interest.

She still has some of the most incredible guests, and she still delivers an incredible show, but something changed. I guess it's me, and if it is I have to tell you I am concerned. Why don't they?


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