Have you unleashed your sexual beast?

One of the things that most people seem to have a problem with these days is sex, even if it is just not getting enough of it. To complicate matters even further it is a subject that is shrouded in forbidden mystery and social taboo, not to mention religious dogma and shamed memory. Considering the odds against, it is a wonder that sex is still practiced at all! 

I think the answer to this curious state we're in can be found in the design of the human body where a few things immediately become clear:hot
  • At the age of puberty our bodies undergo a total transformation that specifically prepare us to actively participate in the open sex market.
  • The transformation that occurs at the time of puberty is not limited to physical changes, but includes a total rewiring of the brain, and activation of a new prime directive. A directive that is so overpowering that it has been known to drive some people mad.
  • Besides probination, mutual sexual engagement is without argue one of the most enjoyable experiences anybody can ask for, almost as if our bodies have been uniquely designed for pleasure.
  • While our environment serves up a pretty tasty array of appetizers, it is a poor excuse for the real main course… The butt naked, burning flesh mutual rapture to be had in shared orgasm.
If you combine these design specifications with an overpowering prime directive of survival you have, what some would quite rightly consider to be, a loaded weapon. Just point and shoot, or in the case of the human sexual beast, point and sniff…

Considering the facts I suppose that all the social and religious taboo that remain in society could serve some kind of purpose, but that still does not give us any reason for guilt or shame. Isn’t it about time that we start to enjoy one of the most complex and intricate design features we are capable of, the ability of pleasure.


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