Reality is flawqwed

A concept that has played itself in my mind for quite a while is that of the concept of reality. Specifically what people think should constitute a shared reality, and how often such a notion result in conflict.

My experience further confirms that people in general (even myself) tend to maintain various realities that have distinct and unique characteristics, depending on the environment in which they manifest. This can be as simple as hiding the fact that you smoke to your mother (I know of men in age and gray that slip outside and gauge the wind before they light a fag), to maintaining a low-key 9-to-5-job-profile while your social life resounds to thumping hardcore rave or rock, and friends that you could never think to introduce to your boss.

All in all the concept of a unique and singular reality that can never be shared or understood by anyone but ourselves seems to affirm that we are truly alone in this journey called life. I suppose it is no coincidence then, that our environment reflects the truth that we are desperately searching for community and communion in a virtual society that does not judge by virtue of it's global nature.

In all of this I find to my surprise my journey does not end in doom and gloom, and even though my life may change and though I know that fortune smiles a fickle pace, I scorn on those that loud proclaim the folly of it all. For on my road in life I found that self-discovery may well be a journey no-one understands, yet as I learn my deepest soul I know the nature that is me... and find therein a multitude of ken that smile behind the eyes of all that come across my path.

Funny then that sometimes when I find my self alone I need but close my eyes and be for all and kind to comfort me.


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