Symphony Divine

Like any player in a symphony we shouldn’t be afraid if now and then a note or two sound off. Heck, I can still remember years on end where nothing made any sense. From my perspective then I simply made a noise.

I still remember how I cried in vain for just a glimpse of reason, and how I tried through rote of note for just a glimpse that’s right. But try and cry with all my might I couldn’t seem to find anything but fright with music that I made.

But just like everything in life the answer was always there in plain sight. Just as everything we need is within reach if we just care to look, I was blinded with the truth.

It came to me as in a dream that lingers on, and stronger as my focus met the all familiar song. You see, since then I changed my vantage point from alto to a bass, just to see if I could be some worth.

And to my great surprise I heard a voice I knew, a voice that played in densest of sound. And every now and then it soared on harmony divine, raised aloft by instruments I scoffed because they seem so soft.

It all made sense the day I changed  my view and saw the vantage point of being who I am in harmony with all the rest. Suddenly I knew that all I had to do was be my best, and that the rest was never worth the quest.

Even then,when symbols sliced through harmony beneath I soared with passion on the sound below. Hearing that familiar tune all but changed my life, and washed away my guilt and grief unto this very day.

Now I know for me at least, that every note I play has value in its way if played in glory and belief. Even later when the melody died down and folded over mine I knew that all is as it should, a symphony divine.


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