I have often wondered why Lucifer has been described as the Fallen Angel and the angel of music? Perhaps it is because music, like art, has the ability to mean so much to so many. Music gets interpreted, which is what my mom and dad were saying all along with rock music. “There are messages in the music” they said they heard.

Like a wish, music always contain something. More often than not something that we want to hear. Something that is there in plain sight, but just beyond our reach. Something that we desire.

Take for instance Baroque music, and if you don’t connect with the musical term, perhaps it will help to say that it is the same music that you find on CD’s with music for babies. The kind of music that is rumored to make them smarter.

For the record, those rumors are based on solid scientific evidence. It really works! And the reason it does lies within the message that it carries. A message that is old as man, as old as rhythm and base. Almost as old as strings.

And for the record, the reason why trance music is called trance music is because it can take you to one. Just like rock can rock you, and gave way to a totally new mass participation method aptly called rock. Which is totally different to how people act when they trance, but it still remains a natural way to allow kindred spirits to connect.

With Baroque music we get to connect to the divine. Baroque is music with soul. Music that connect us with the collective spirit that exist independent of man. Much like trance.

I guess I don’t have to wonder anymore…

The trinity between the angel, his music and the devil is plain to see. Just like most things we always think we want, the things we need have been there all the time. And for proof, all we need to do is look into the wisdom of a child. That, or just to listen to some music. I can recommend some excellent Buddhist Monks!


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