The arrogance of the human race

It just struck me again how arrogant the human race can sometimes be...

For many decades we have had the technology to search for intelligent entities beyond our planet. In trying to make contact we have been using the mathematical equation that describes a common occurrence in all forms of life, the Fibonacci series.

In stark contrast to this we are discovering more and more evidence of some kind of consciousness beyond life. Not that this is news by the way...

Mentalists and spiritualists and mediums have been telling us that they communicate with conscious entities all the time. And the same goes for the prophets, witches and shaman that communicate with the spirit, nature and the spirits in nature, and have so since the dawn of time.

Recent experiments even confirm that creativity itself may be like some kind of entity that people can communicate with, and that the expression we give to creativity is nothing other than our understanding of this connection.

The bottom line to all of this is that, for a very long time we have known that somehow consciousness exists beyond what we call life. And yet, when we try to communicate to entities beyond our planet we use 'life' as the basis of our communication effort.

I find it strange, and rather arrogant. Don't you?


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