who wants to live forever?

It seems as if the race to immortality has reached fever pitch proportions, with some of the new technologies almost competing in our search for the fountain of youth. Take for instance the chemical they found in red wine that doubled the normal lifespan of lab rats, or the protein that switches off our “genetic” old age trigger.

And have you heard about the new bio-printing technology that uses the natural self-organizing ability of cells to literally print a 3D organ. If that is not science fiction enough, they have found that suppression of our immune systems create conditions that may allow our bodies to repair themselves. In laboratory experiments they have found that lab rats could grow back their tails, and the clipped ears of the mice repaired themselves when kept under these conditions.

The question that remains to be answered is what are we going to do with the extra time, and will this promise of eternal youth be of any good to the planet we live on? Under my own friends at least, the answer remains undecided.


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