The Taj, and the power of love

I have written about the Taj Mahal before, and true to its nature, I can't help losing myself in the splendor of it's majesty. Like love and the desert flower that blooms only once every 3600 years, it carries with it the gamut of human experience as seen from its very best point of view. Like a pearl in the desert it embraces an inner beauty.

To me the Taj stands as an edifice. A symbol to beauty and love at it's most glorious divine, a shrine to life and why it's worth living it well, and a shimmering example of the value beget through the choices we share on our journey. A physical manifestation of the love that it bares.

It began as the story of a boy who was destined to be king, the King of the World, the captivating beauty of love at first site, and the Kingdom it changed in it's grace. There are those that will tell how the King and his Queen would spend all of their days in sharing merriment with the court, how their happiness infested the world they embraced with their love, and the wonder of love that gave birth to the Taj. He built it in her name.

A temple of love he constructed to stand as testament to their love and the life that they shared, it is written he paid for the building with the blood that his people offered freely in love. Blood that you can still see in the carpets that flow on the floor of its cold marble halls. 

He laid out the building and grounds as a mathematical representation of the universe they shared, and designed it to scale so that the feeling of awe when you enter the reflect the feeling he felt in her presence. He adorned it with the same oplance and beauty they shared in their life, and scaled it to reflect the vast emptiness left in his heart at her loss.

Everything painstakingly true to the science they loved to explore, the eternal nature of beauty that they adored in each other, and the love they created in the blessing of their union.


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Zonkiboy said…
Strange the way that wisdom resonate in all and the strangest of ways...

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