Reason that pertain to your reality

Identify the shared perspective

It may tickle your fancy that research findings bear witness to the fact that your attitude is still one of the best predictors to having a good time.

Not to mention the fact that good intention is by far the best way to foster positive engagement and honest deed is by any and all means the best expression to entrain the synergy of mutual heed, and synchronicity pertain to be the only consideration to proffer the harmony incumbent to existence. Harmony in turn engender resonance, a quality perceived as inherent to reality, and which evoke the requited principle of serendipitous afford.

From a shared perspective, synchronicity makes perfect sense, harmony a blessed sensibility, and with resonance bespoke as unconditional reward, my only question is why it doesn't seem to find accord.

My guess is lack of information about the reality of change, lack of knowledge about the principles that pertain to harmony, the absence of experience incumbent to resonance, the constant heresy embedded in almost every aspect of our modern day society, and the ever present all-prevailing propaganda for repentance and damnation of the false belief that preach a social "quid pro quo" in stead of the instinctive "hoc in quod", despite the abundant evidence evident.

I'd love to hear your point of view!


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