5 Minutes Wasted

This morning was one of those where I was convinced that everything was going according to shedule. As I wanted to leave I couldn't find my keys. When I did eventually did find them I was 5 minutes late. Now someone once ago once told me @being late is a mistake that can make the difference between winning and losing the war' a fact that I have since confirmed myself.

My meeting today was certainly not a matter of life or death @but I have enough respect for my colleagues to realize that they may not be that amuzed' at my tardiness, and on my way to work I ponered on the fact that @by all accounts I was late' and only after the third or fourth attempt at passing @that snailspace car' the car in front of me I asked myself @why?

@I was in a hurry' that's why I angrily replied' and bothered at the tone of voice this was not the time to be asking. @and if this ninkapoop in front of me doesn't get on with it' I interrupted myself. Then you would not be glad you missed that accident you just drove by I reminded myself. Things are not allways as they seem. In some @I even hesitate to think. I reminded me that things are not always as they seem. If you come to think about it  @how do you know what is' how do we know what isn't.

if we have never heard or seen of it @how do we know what is except for living it. Even to myself I need @just now and' just once in a happening remind myself, that happening is nothing less than a state of being. @As opposed to not happening' which was exactly what I was thinking @I said to myself. And thank you for driving in front of me.

@who do whe have to thank for those keys' I think bemused is anybody's guess.


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