From the tales of Beeldle the Bard

In the "Fountain 'o Fair Fortune", Beedle recollects the tale of Asha, Altheda and Amata who are chosen by the fountain to have their misfortune washed away. But first they have to cross three obstacles...

At the first they have to pay the proof of their pain,
at the second they have to pay the fruit of their labour, and
at the third they have to pay the treasure of their past.

After conquering these three they may wash themselves in the magical waters of the fountain to be rewarded fair fortune. Like so many other literary witches, the three witches of Beedle's tale is a metaphor of humanity. Their troubles and woes reflect those things that make us suffer and give us pain. By leaving these things behind we give oufselves a new slate, and an opportunity to see the fair fortune that lays within our grasp.

While the commentry by his honorary Albus Dumbledore never hints of the wisdom that we find locked in the tale of the fountain of fair fortune, it does provide a humorous and insightful alternative to a story that may otherwise remain rather ordinary.

The rest of Beedle's tales all contain similar jewels to be discovered. If you haven't read it, get it from Amazon! It is worth every penny in gold.


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