Reason to smile

Have a nice day!
From a conscious aware there is a lot to be said for a sunny disposition, not to mention not to mention the obvious advantage of a mutual presence point of view. 

From a present sense perspective nothing beats the rosy hue of feeling good. And given that feelings are subjective by any MEASURE, it's good to know that scientific evidence is in full support of the notion.

In fact as far as research concur we've come as close to curing the foulest of mood as reason would allow. And with reason being the ultimate objective, you'd be surprised how little people seem to care to change for the better.

For those who can admit to the likelihood that their view may be biased and willing to try something new there is more than enough proof to satisfy the curious, and there are a number of graduate and post-graduate studies on the science of being happy for the studious.

So next time you find yourself in a bad mood ask yourself this: "Why?". If you can come up with a good enough reason, remind yourself that your mood is not helping the situation, whatever the reason you've come up with.

Have a nice day!


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