‘Tis the season – A special Christmas message

It is the 23rd of December and if you haven’t done so yet, your time is running out to buy that special gift. You know, that one gift you know will be perfect, if you could only find, or had the money for it?

And have you noticed how expensive everything has become, you wouldn’t think that we were recently on the brink of a global financial meltdown if you look at how much everything cost.

Then again I suppose it is just fitting that the festive season turn our focus to worth and value, almost in the same way it has throughout human history. Looking back in time there are plenty of examples, but none that come with a price tag quite as big as the feast of Saint Nick. And you can bet your bottom dollar that next year it will be worse.

yule1So, if you find yourself caught up in the spending whirlwind that  rages at this time of the year, perhaps it is time to pause and reflect on what it is that you find valuable in your own life. What would your answer be if someone asked you what is your most valuable possession?

Nine out of ten people will say they think their life is the most important, while the remaining 10 percent will probably suggest something about love. Which is quite sad if you consider that life is cheap these days, but then again it really is not worth very much. On its own, without the freedom of a soul that know to live is life, and that life is so much more than just a single person, to be alive alone is literally worth nothing.

To be part of life we need to explore our world with innocent abandon, without the fear of change. To truly live we need to know that we are in control of everything that matter, like attitude, the ability to connect in honesty with our environment, our expectation and our ability to learn and grow. Things like resonance, peace, love and happiness are all waiting just beyond the grasp of choice.

If it was me to answer what would be the single thing I treasure most, I would have to say the moment I get to choose, and every glorious moment hence. I cannot think what anybody would want more than a moment to be, in harmony with life in all its abundance, diversity, opportunity and wonder. And what a bonus to be blessed with more!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, tra-la-la-la-la, tra-la-la-la, and in the spirit of the season my gift to you is nothing less. I’d love to hear what you’ll be doing with yours?


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