10 fiendishly simple principles to success

Below you will find 10 fiendishly simple principles towards fast tracking your journey through life with a high probability of flawless decision making, almost instant relief of guilt and grief and abundantly high levels of happiness and bliss.

 Use them at your own risk.

1. Regret is more often than not the result of an emotional decision.

2. Our journey to the point of choice is exactly what we need to make it.

3. The most important moment is right now.

4. Failure does not need a reason, what matters is the journey you took.

5. Changing your perspective is the only way to improve your perception.

6. Whenever life gets you down you are carrying too much.

7. As a general rule of thumb, things with value have no worth.

8. The most important choice you can make every day is your attitude.

9. Honest communication is the only way to discover yourself and to grow.

10. Where the mind goes energy flows, that is how we create reality.

May the road come up to greet you, and may love take care of the rest.


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