Future perfect

Reality is quite literally what we make it, which sadly these days doesn't seem to be much. Based on the weight of evidence against people having a good time I'd venture the reality we all share in media orchestrated synchrony probably compare well with Mankind's darkest yet.

Not that it is mind you, not by a long shot, but since mood is a consequence of attitude, and nothing but a choice, then your guess is as good as mine how bad it really is. That or headline news, if you care for an opinion with colloquial value for what it's worth, evidence abound that the world as we know it is worse for the wear. 

As you will see it is not a point of view that I share, or one that I care to suffer gladly. Though the state of affairs may seem to advise to the contrary I see a future of wonder ahead, a future I share with like minded kin of conscious awareness with the same dare'n do attitude I have. Where positive mood is a token belief, and working together for the greater good is a shared intention. Where reward is nothing more than a dividend of deed, and success  nothing less than the tired satisfaction of a day we done well. 

Much like the day as it was I suppose, blessed with adventure and fun, shared in the company of friends, embracing each moment, elated by what we may find.


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