Time to link to a more creative social circle?

Common sense dictate that we are defined by our social network, and history bear witness to the fact that genius holds good company. Wiliam Wordsworth's work was sparked by his association with the other romantic poets; the Impressionist painters worked as a group; Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque formed the Cubists; and Charles Darwin hung out with influential geologist Charles Lyell and Charles Babbage, the father of the computer.

Given the obviolus advantage that such selective networks imbue by means of shared trust, mutual respect, positve intention, and common objectives I guess it should come as no surprise that New Scientist refer to them as Genius networks. Considering the basic conditions that typify the social circles in which these artists and scientists moved are readily identifiable, easy to establish through shared inclination, and virtually infallible given the unconditional mutual benefit that imbue such harmonious association, you would expect them to be much more common than my own experience attest at the very least.

Given the distinct possibility that I am living in abject intellectual poverty, I'd still be underwelmed by the lack of evidence that would denote the presence of such mutually beneficial groups, much less any social evidence that any such platforms exist at all. Not the kind that foster genius anyhow.

I suppose it's common sense that par-a-phrase to 'be the change you want', which is exactly why I started the trending subject of "aware". If you like me feel indighted to do more why don't you like us on Facebook, become part of the movement by joining our circle on Google +, or spread What's UP to your loved one's and friends.

Whichever you choose, I know you'll be pleased to share that you are "aware".

Please do.


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