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Tripping has various definitions and according to Urban Dictionary most of the definitions are negative. It must be noted that none of the definitions provided resemble the objective of this blog.

To understand the blog title we need to travel back in history to the sixth century BC and a temple in Greece called the
asclepieion at Epidaurus.
Asklepios was probably the most important healer god of antiquity and the temple was the most celebrated healing center of the Classical world. A place where ill pilgrims went in the hope of being cured. To find out the right cure for their ailments, they spent a night in the enkoimitiria, a big sleeping hall where the god himself visited them in their dreams to advise them what they had to do to regain their health.

In our modern day society such a practice would probably be frowned upon, as it is generally accepted that the oracles of the temple used various psychedelic substances to induce trance like states where the pilgrims crossed over to the spiritual plane to recieve advice on how to cure their dis-ease.

In a similar way this blog would like to provide you with information that may help you to better understand the complex function and design of our bodies and minds. In total contrast to the asclepieion the source of this information will come from some of the most recent scientific discoveries that make headlines across the world. Many of these are radically changing our understanding of who we are, and they provide new insight towards why we do the things we do.

By understanding the physical body we have been provided we are in a better position to use it towards getting the most out of our future. By knowing the mind we can free ourselves of the limitations that we have inherited from the past.


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