The online revolution

Can you believe that people are still referring to the online revolution almost 40 years after the internet made its modest appearance way back in 1969 as a US Department of Defense communication system. But according to companies that keep their finger on the pulse of what's hot and what's not the online community has now become so influential that the offline world has started to mirror the online world, and when a few start to dictate trends to the rest of the world, what else do you call it but a revolution.

Examples of how this revolution is changing our offline world can be seen in the way we interact on a social level with Facebook as a perfect example; the way we entertain ourselves as reflected in the phenomenal growth of online virtual reality games like World of Warcraft; the way we navigate our world by using devices like Garmin and Tom Tom right down to the pixilated patterns we print on our furniture and the fingerprint-less design of our gloves.

Perhaps it is not surprising if one consider that statistics showed a total of 21.9% of the world population was connected to the internet in June 2008. Such a huge market share must make some impact on the world we used to call real.

The online revolution is changing the world as we know it, even to the depths of our feelings and emotions. And if the last comment found you shaking your head in total disbelief you may be convinced after a visit to the latest innovation in mapnavigation mania where visitors to London can discover the sites of the city through navigating by mood.

If all this has pushed you to the edge of sanity you can rest assured that you will always find plenty of online support, like the recently launched website where you can fill in a questionnaire that will predict your risk for depression in the next 12 months. Or perhaps you would rather like to know how well you do in the Happiness Test?

Online or offline the only thing you can be sure of is that our world is changing, and with it so are we.


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