What's up with Happiness?

Apparently quite a lot!

According to scientific studies people who are happy and satisfied might be healthier than those that are not and researchers say that "A positive mood enhances efforts to attain future well-being, encourages broader and flexible thinking, and increases openness to information" in a study that shows how a positive mood helps you to see the big picture. Research has also shown that the health gain from being happy make us live longer, and that happy people watch less television.

The last study mentioned is probably obvious, seeing that happy people have less free time on their hands. According to the researchers they spend more time socializing, a fact that has a whole range of benefits of its own!

In another study by the University of Michigan it was shown that 10 minutes of talking improved memory and intellectual performance. This was supported by further research that showed how socializing make us smarter!

Meanwhile the news I announced in my article It's CONTAGIOUS, that happiness can spread to friends and family continue to make headlines across the world!

With all the positive attention the news is currently giving to a positive mood, I will not be surprised if we soon find proof that a smile can change our lives... Or is that old hat by now?


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