Love is a way of living
Love is beautiful, playful and fun
Love is peace and harmony
It is the choices that we make
The way we respond to our journey
And the connection we make with the people we meet
It is knowing who we are
And caring all the same
It is about being honest
honesty in dream and thought
honesty in what we say and do
honesty in what we give and take
Being honest in what we feel
It is about sharing what we can
And asking when we need
It is trusting every step
And doing what we can
Not planning what to do
It is about what we make
Not what we leave behind
It is about being curious
And having passion
It is discovery and growth
Being friendly and kind
Not now and then but all the time
It is always being your best
Showing gratitude for what you get
And living every moment of your time
It is helping before you ask
Moving on and letting go
It is teaching as much as learning
It is getting up when you may fall
And walking proud and tall no matter what
It is timeless, without end
It is light when there is dark
It is here and now, not then
Love is who you are


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