I have just met the most charming and remarkable woman with an allergy for men. She lost her last one about 22 years ago and following two decades of batteling TB and Cancer, she was recently discharged three days after a heart attack. She believes that wheel chairs are for old people, even though she will be turning 90 in a month's time.

While trying to arrange re-admission to hospice I was lucky enough to find a doctor who understands that 3 days is not enough to recover from a heart attack. And even if she insisted on going home then, she has the right to change her mind. I was not as lucky with the hospice personnel, but then with the doctor that understands on my side I didn't need their approval.

We parted with a wink as they pushed her to the ambulance on the trolley. I hope she gets a cure for her allergy.

I suppose it is all about how you define success. Using the right medicine for your disease could mean success, and so could actually getting better be. Having enough money to buy the medicine could be part of the bigger picture, and it would be great if you could afford a health care worker to advise you on the best medicine to use. But in the end the real success is in your choice.

The choice you make to drink the medicine or better yet, the decision you make to get better. And getting better is really nothing else but the bigger picture, because as long as there is growth we are success. As long as we are connected we can learn and teach, and that is real success!

The old lady reminded me about dignity and respect and my right to change my mind, and I reminded her about connecting. Together we found love and life and success, and for that I want to thank you all.

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