the laws of attraction

The big secret is slowly losing it's magic and mystery as science lifts the veil over sexual attraction. Like recent research that showed that a 10 second kiss a day is associated with lower levels of stress.

I suppose that makes some sense, but how do you explain the fact that men lose their ability to discriminate between beauty when they smell women ovulating?

How does your idea of sexuality change when you know that women make pheromones called copulins during ovulation that causes men to behave irrationally? Apparently these copulins smell like curdled butter?

attraction How does your idea of the mating game change when you know that attraction is charged by the subliminal observation, once again thanks to our noses, of another persons' immune profile?

Does your idea of relationships change when you know that using a chemical contraceptive changes your 'powers of observation' towards subtle biological clues of sexual compatibility?

Do you start to question your ability to make your own choices when you find out that everybody's face add up to a number between 1 and 10 that determines universal attraction?

These and more, are facts that science are busy uncovering about the laws of attraction. Kind of takes something away from the mysticism of falling in love, doesn't it?

Or maybe it is a reminder that there are more to partners than attraction? Maybe it is necessary to understand that sexual attraction and biological compatibility speak a language all on their own? A language that knows nothing of toothpaste and caps, or toilets and seats, or snoring, or fashion.

Our bodies are communicating without our knowledge or influence, and we are only now beginning to understand how that communication changes who we are and what we do.

It certainly changes our whole approach to relationships, or does it?


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