It is the end of the world as we know it may come as a surprise to some people, but many will consider such a statement as highly unlikely. Some may even infer a high level of suspicion towards the person that proclaimed such a statement, even more so towards the person that professed the statement in the first place.

To follow that with:”I feel fine!” will most likely incur serious doubt in the sanity of anyone that used the two sentences in succession. The vast majority of people  will in fact be convinced of the total absence of sanity, and almost certain insanity of people that indulged in such ideology.

Interestingly enough the opposite is true if you should change the two sentences around.

What is even more interesting is that these two sentences form the core of the chorus of a song by a very well known band. Listening to the song, and finding yourself singing full volume actually make you feel as if you are dreaming, tripping on very potent chemicals or as if you are participating in some ancient ritual at the very least.

But just as the sentences below are almost devoid of sense if you do not start at the beginning and push through right to the end, so life has no meaning if we constantly try to find meaning in the past.

If we think about it carefully, the whole idea of finding meaning from that which we already know makes hardly any sense. If we incur that our experience lacked sense, the only way we can hope it will is if we experience something in addition to what we already have.

It should therefore be clear to anyone that trying to search for meaning in the past is a ludicrous idea, in the very least. Perhaps not clear to everyone, but some for sure. Given the amount of people I know that think it is, it is almost certain that there are people that never had.

But that is as it should be, if it was not for them we would not be. At least not as we are today. And then perhaps we would, who  knows? Who should dare to to say they knew how it would be if it was not so. For that would be a dream, would it not? Or could it be a song?


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