What are you planning for the end?

We’re going to have a party. And if you think 2012 is still far away, then may I remind you that something like a holiday cruise or religious recluse takes planning, time and money, and while time may be easy to find between now and the end of it, I can assure you that in a couple of months it’s value is going to shoot through the roof. If you haven’t heard the news then let my shortly fill you in. It’s over. The end.

Newton, a man that is perhaps a little more known for his discovery of gravity, also predicted the end of the world, but he said it would come in 2060. And since that is a little far away to start my own planning now, I’m going to go with the end as it is popularly foretold by the Mayan Calendar, and that would be 2012. At the same time it would be the perfect dry-run for the really BIG party that I am planning for 2060, if the Mayan’s got it wrong.

Considering the open-market principle that the availability of something also determine it’s value, and the law of economics that says that a commodity will get more expensive as it get’s less, then the market-worth of time is set to skyrocket any one of these day’s. Can you begin to imagine the bargains we’ll be getting at closing down sales!

time3Time is ticking, and the world is nervously getting ready for a market boom. Nobody is exactly sure where the strike will be, and speculation is already starting to stir? Will it come from stocks and bonds, equity or the property market, or perhaps the market share will turn to commodities or information as many would believe? Your guess is as good as mine, but I would like to think it depends more on what you value, than what it’s worth. Which bring me straight to the second thing that’s on my mind.

Money. From my point of view “You need’a the moola to get’a the groova”, and trying to cash in before the markets close for good is not going to be of much value. Then again you have to ask yourself what the value of anything would be, when tomorrow may be not .

And then there is always the possibility that everybody could be wrong, and that tomorrow breaks just like it did the day before, and like it will until it runs out of gas or we break it in a cock-up attempt to use it’s energy.

Weighing in the odd’s I think the best advice would be to throw a lavish Bon Voyage Shebang. That means venue, music, drink and entertainment, all of it to be booked and paid before the rush. And even if I get it COD, which makes perfect sense considering, just in case there is another day, I’d prefer to be in a financial position to pay my due. And then live my life in harmony and love, and peace and happiness just the way I have.

What’s your plan?


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