Humane slaughtering is a fallacy

An article by New Scientist looks at new evidence on a debate that is as old as commercial slaughtering of animals. On the one side there is the group representing the Jewish and Muslim communities that argue that it is religious law, while on the other side there is everybody else that think it is inhumane.cow

According to the article Animals feel the pain of religious slaughter new research has  shown that calves appear to feel pain when slaughtered without prior stunning, strengthening the case for making the practices more humane. But are slaughtering practices humane at all?

Anyone that has been to a slaughterhouse to see what happens will have to agree it is not, and has never been. While the introduction of stunning animals before they are killed may allow activists to sleep easy, but any person that has witnessed the behavior of animals about to be slaughtered will agree that the is inhumane from the time that animals leave the farm.

The argument about pain simply confuses the issue.


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