In celebration of our global consciousness

It all started when F made the song Celebrate!, by Kool and the Gang his theme song for November 2010.

I then asked: & why is that

To which F replied: Democrats will be out of office by then

And I replied: hahaha lol, im from europe.. i dont care about the situation your corrupted government is in

To which F replied: At least you know the key word,"corrupted," nice.

Then, from the sideline C said: If the gov't is corrupted now, what was it under the previous Regime...straight evil?

And T, defending F said: hey I - you dufus - ever heard that if the "US sneezes the whole world catches a cold"?  Well, it's true. And by the way, your government, whichever one it is, is just as corrupt as ours. You're an arrogant,snobby jerk, and you should care more about your brothers across the ocean anyway. We're all in this together.

Then M, defending I said: Why exactly should he give a shit about your government? And how was he even being rude or arrogant? He was just stating his opinion. He didn't say anything negative.

It seems as if this “new” consciousness still has a long way to grow before it will be of any real use to the world, and it illustrates quite nicely how easy it is to trigger conflict.


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