The power of ecstasy

Survival is a genetically coded imperative that is reflected in every part of our complex biological design. It is something that is encoded in our primitive reflexes, built in to our psychological make-up and hard wired to neurological circuits. The only thing that matches it in scope is pleasure.

It makes sense I suppose, for what would be the point if we didn't enjoy the act of procreation? It is in the moment of orgasm that we find how perfect we have been designed to ensure the survival of our kind. On the one hand it is a physical experience that triggers all the right conditions to ensure fertilization. On the other it is without argue the most pleasure that anyone can ever hope to share, so much so that people get addicted to it!

Until recently, our knowledge about sex and sexuality was scant, and limited to understanding it as an esoteric subject, most notably as tantra in the tantric texts. You'd think that such a strong instinctive drive would be worthy of abundant scientific scrutiny, but then you'd underestimate the power of social taboo.

With the world slowly coming round to the notion that sex is not a shame, there has recently been abundance of discovery, and no sooner did science jump the hurdle of infamy, than we were stopped in our tracks by the discovery that the mind of women 'tilt' when they reach orgasm.

According to a recent article in Scientific American the female brain show a muted response in the part of the brain that govern self control over basic desires, with a corresponding release of tension and inhibition. The area responsible for moral reasoning and social judgment and the area of the brain responsible for "extinction fear" and the storage of memories associated with emotional events appear to switch off during orgasm.

Women lose their moral reason, judgment and emotional ability with orgasm, and strange as it may sound, it is common sense to think that such a powerful flood of shared emotion would sweep away all obstacles to ecstasy.

All of which remind us when it comes to matters of the mind, we are still in virgin territory.


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