The ice age cometh!

It is a testament to the sheer tenacity of our existence that we find our collective consciousness will be spared the gloom and guilt that industry and electronics, genetic and biochemical engineering, quantum physics, and the increasing gorge on non-renewable energy leave in our wake. I still remember a time not long ago that we were doomed to suffer in calamity by nothing less than a plan of our own design, a time where sloth and gluttony was the only reason that the human race was running out of time on earth.

Our saving grase is that it seems our waste and ruin only "hasten" our headlong rush into the gloom of yet another ice age, one we should have seen coming a long time ago. Were it not for some genius that figured out we may not be the only blame for global warming and the ice caps melting, and that the catastrophic climate changes we face is nothing more than a natural cycle that began way before the appearance of man, we would probably be all but suicidal now. A species driven mad by the damning knowledge that they have only them self to blame for wiping countless of species from the planet in their search for something they refuse to see.

It is too early to know with certainty if the bright spark that originally came up with the idea that gave us hope of absolution did us any favor, but history has shown that life will carry on regardless of our self, and that's a chilling thought.


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