What is your perception about perspective?

The entertainment and media industry would have you believe that perspective is a lot like perception, and you’d think that they should know. In the world we find ourselves today, the media hold sway over much of our collective opinion.

If you think about it, you may be guile to believe the two are similar. At face value both the words have the same structure. They have the same phonetic quality and grammatically they are both nouns.
They share a common understanding as far as intention, application and result is concerned. Both of them require us to make a choice, and together they have  same level of commitment and honesty in their use, but what sets the media apart is the fact that they use the collective mind to weave a web of truth.

Both are impossible to recognize when we have the blues, and acts or actions that lift our mood and make us laugh are rewarded with the opportunity to change our perception and find a new perspective. As sapient hominids we are one of only a handful of species that perspectivehas the ability to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, and just like all the other species of such kind we see that emotion changes our individual reality.

Interestingly enough we find that neither happy nor sad people choose to change their point of view. Sad people fail to believe that such a choice exist, and happy people do not care. Even so, the existence of these two nouns are testament to the awesome power of our mind. To be aware, to change our point of view and with it the ability to change reality.


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