Science and self-expansion

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In a recent article by the New York Times, The Science of a Happy Marriage, scientists explore what it is that make marriages work and by a synthesis of recent research on relationships, they came up with some surprising conclusions.
it may not be feelings of love or loyalty that keep couples together. Instead, scientists speculate that your level of commitment may depend on how much a partner enhances your life and broadens your horizons — a concept that Arthur Aron, a psychologist and relationship researcher at Stony Brook University, calls “self-expansion.”

And lo, we face the bedrock of fundamental truth, about consciousness and our ability to choose, about emotion and our capacity to feel, about love and our reason to live.

Now if we could only build on this idea of marriage to expand beyond the boundaries of polygamy and into the realm of spiritual unity its only a hop, skip and a jump away from a Zeitgeist coup de grace, universal sanity, and total world domination!

T shirts and bumper stickers available on request.

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