Living aware

Common sense expect a paradox to confuse, but just as anything that matter there is never a yin without its yang.

Take for instance life.
A unique experience in every bodies opinion, and yet by evolutionary blueprint designed to maximize on the harmony of existance, and primed to embrace the resonance inherit to all matter. Curious beyond reason, amazed by the covet of chance, blissful of choice, and constantly looking out for the challenge of new discovery.

Contrary to general user feedback, the human race are gracious of the indulgence of sense, developmentally entrained to engage revelation,  accustomed to the ritual abandon of flow, and expertly configured to easy accord. Developmentally primed to improve, we are expertly equipped with a wide array of self regulating and auto adaptive change configuration potential. 

By all accounts it appears that we are pining in ineptitude, and even though we are more 'connected' than ever before, our modern way of living has done little to help us understand each other, never mind ourselves.
Much has been said and done to illustrate how perspective alters perception of shared events, and many a reason has been raised to explain how a different point of view can translate to altered states of awareness in the same reality, and yet we cannot seem to accept that we are truly a marvel of evolutionary design.


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