Confucianism vs Buddism

Confucianism: Confucius - Religion of China named after the philosopher Confucius, whose teachings emphasize the natural order and hierarchy of things and the importance of being in harmony with nature.

Buddhism: Buddha - Asian religion named after a sage from India who taught that the aim of life is to abolish suffering and to achieve enlightenment or nirvana.

A curious aside I've found as a result of being online by default is discovering more than few translation errors that have become part and parcel of whole gamut of dubious baggage we sometimes unwittingly share in our family ties relations, but often uphold in clear and present view of our own objection, our opinion often left hanging on the barb wire of implied social sensitivity, assumed social rank and file, unspoken interpersonal dynamics, and the silent norm of common sense.

That being neither here nor there when we consider some of the more obsure examples that litter the tempered timeline of our litterary lible, and lithurgical littany, like the curious case of aware. Absolved of its Latin origin meaning  mutual agreement to a matter of fact, to its modern and quite meaningless translitertion of an individuals own sense of self.

Perhaps it is because of its checkered historical past that it doesn't appear neither Easten Philosophy definitions as they are quoted above, but how do you account for the glaring omission of shared conscioussness that underscore the enlightenment of both these systems of wisdom and revelation.


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