Tired of feeling down?

"Happiness is a work ethic... It's something that requires our brains to train just like an athlete has to train."

In a groundbreaking article on happiness, Walter Chen from Lifehacker gives us the first training programme that I have seen to ever be awarded the 101aware stamp of appease. Just like awareness, it's free! Similar to perception its easy-peasy, and just like perspective it is something that needs daily practice:

- Scan for the 3 daily positives.
- Give one shout-out to someone.
- Do something nice.
- Mind your mind.

If you forget one or two don't fret about it either, try to practice at least two a day. Put them on the fridge or something. All 4 and you'll be in the swing of it in a week!

Happiness, like any potential worth isn't in the doing so much as it is in the resonance. Resonance that only occurs when there is harmony found. Harmony that only exist when there's genuine around.

Genuine is of course something that is sometimes hard to find in the world that we're living but don't let that put you off trying. Research confirm that our mind will believe anything we tell it. It's called belief, and it's the reason we put up with most of the crap that society tends to feed us in the interest of self-preservation.

If you liked the article you should try my take on serendipity.

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