Speaking on behalf of those without a voice

New research findings show early signs of Anxiety, and Depression in the brains of Newborn.

The article tells of a travesty,  a blatant human rights injustice to the unborn, and warns of a global threat to the sanity of our future generation.

As a gay man I have often wondered about the legacy that I leave in the wake of my passing, so a campaign to save the sanity of unborn babies suffering in lieu of their parents unwitting neglect is something I feel very strong about.

What blows my mind about it all is that prevention is as easy as playing a tune, as safe as listening to a song, and as effective as nothing else known.

It is self administered with no health care visit necessary, has zero risk of dependency, benefits both the mother to be and her unborn child, is freely available and within easy reach of anyone with a cellphone.

You couldn't have wished for a more perfect public healthcare intervention.

So this is my plea, that we spread news of the outrage, and inform those who are uninformed of the risk to their unborn, and the preventive intervention they are welcome to use.

The link below introduce the concept of brainwave entrainment to give respite to the mental health of expectant mothers, and improve the cognitive development of their child.


Please also try listening to any of the following free soundtracks to restore your sanity and improve your mental health.



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