Touching the divine…

Whether by providence or design, my mind often plays around with the concept of divinity. In some cases these thoughts can be quite obscure since it isn’t easy to translate ideas from the realm of the spirit over to the spoken word. But then talking about God is nothing compared to the actual experience of touching the divine, and in my own mind it is as easy as play.

When consenting adults intimately share in mutual and honest physical play, and do so in love, it triggers a whole range of hormones and chemical reactions in our body that combine to result in the experience of orgasm. If you think back to your first experience that fit such a description I bet you will agree that it fits the idea of touching the divine quite nicely.

If you haven’t had an experience like that and you are over the legal age for intercourse then I would highly recommend that you try it. Orgasm is without a doubt one of the most powerful reminders of the spirit within us that we share with each other. If you are still not convinced, try reading up about tantric sex and give it some more thought. I have, and I like it!


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