Understanding our roots!

I cannot help but get exited every time that I find science conforming well known facts, take for instance making tea - http://shar.es/UbsZ, or the understanding that babies are the R&D department of the human species… Oh, you missed that?

Well, for the last few years we have been able to learn much more about the brain and how it works. The same is true for babies, and what we are finding out is literally turning the subject of childhood development on it’s head.

Take for instance the fact that babies start off by sleeping so much, not because they are tired, but because their brains are working at a furious pace trying to make sense of all the new information it has collected. And if trying to make sense of color doesn’t boggle your mind, then try to imagine what kind of computing power goes into a babies’ ability to recognize individuals across a range of species, including sheep.

Aren’t babies just incredible?


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